skybums 2022 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
traction 6 pack 6pack applique multicoloured parafoil spirit 4 pack spongebob
parafoil 10 parafoil 30 paraform 8 octopack paraform with applique 6 pack stripe
soft kites
Sky Bums soft kites are designed to be carried anywhere as they can all fold down into stuff sacks. The pocket kites are small light pulling kites that you can slip into your pocket and are ideal for all ages. The powerpack is a larger kite based on the original 6pack. The difference, apart from being larger, is the fact it has very light spars at the root of each fin. It iis designed as a lifter. The paraforms are totally soft but don't pull as much as you would think for their size. The parafoils, on the other hand, are designed to lift loads into the sky. These have been supplied to archeologists for aerial photography and to the British Antarctic Survey for lifting weather surveying equipment. We have even built man-lifters. The Spirit is designed for traction in a variety of wind conditions. Paul has been up to 69mph in a buggy with a 2m Spirit. Many items we carry in stock as standard or you can choose your own colours. Special one off designs can be built or found on our specials page.