skybums 2022 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986

Sky Bums paraforms are light pulling variations of the parafoil. They fly at a very high angle and in a wide range of winds.  The standard paraforms are all 0.95m from nose to tail. The 6 cell is 1.10m wide, the 8 cell is 1.45m and the 10 cell is 1.80m. All the paraforms come in a stuff  sack complete with matching drogues. We can build them to your own colour specifications and even appliqué designs on the face. They also scale up very well (see below left double sized paraform 10 and rainbow paraform 16). If you have any ideas we can give you a quote.

paraform 6 50lb line from £75.00
paraform 8 75lb line from £95.00
paraform 10 100lb line from £115.00