skybums 2020 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
SBL - skybums 6 cell lifter
The SBL is a 6 cell lifter and is a very stable soft kite that flies in a wide range of winds and produces a large amount of lift. They are ideally suited for lifting cameras, parachuting fauna or general "sky garbage" into the air. They are also useful as a pilot for more unstable kites and inflatables. They can be made to your own colours and can even be decorated to your own specifications. All the lifters come complete with matching drogues and stuff  sacks. 

Shown above left is a 6m in pink. The black one next to it is a 4m. Below left is a purple and pink 4m (this has four keels but they now come with just two). The orange is also a 4m. The yellow and blue is an early 2m.

SBL4  4m £190.00 350lb line
SBL6  6m £240.00 500lb line