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inflatable windsocks
The horse windsock was a new arrival on the scene a few years ago and proved popular. As you can see from the photos a number of colours are available. The "grey mare" even jumped the pond to the USA. Made from ripstop nylon it inflates through the chest and and head. Currently two sizes are available. The hatching dragons are also popular. Made originally as ground based dragon eggs hatching on the nest they also look impressive on the line. 
helene's 2m horse windsock £200.00
helene's 4m horse windsock £500.00
helene's donkey windsock £180.00
helene's dragon windsock £170.00
helene's hatching dragon (2.3m from nose to tail) £125.00
4m horse at prestatyn
three horses in train three horses in train three horses in train helene with 4m horse 4m horse windsock