skybums 2023 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
5m 8 cell SBL lifter SOLD Clearing the decks before the new season. All are one off designs so grab yourself a bargain.

We still have a few 2nd hand sport kites left.

All the kites are in good condition.

skybums pre-season sale

Appliqued 3doodle £90

Icarex Square Print £50

Printed Malay £50

Printed Postcard £75

Printed Rectangle £30

Appliqued Shield Scathach £80

Printed Icarex Tall Ohashi £50

Icarex Square Print £50

Icarex Square Applique £50

Postcard Dichroic/Mylar £75

Small Icarex Square Print £40

1m Rokkaku £35

1m Rokkaku £35

1m Rokkaku £35