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spirit 2m

spirit traction - a powerful skybums design
The sky bums spirit is a very powerful traction kite with a high degree of agility. This means that it can be "worked" to get more power out of a size that might normally be considered too small for the wind conditions. The spirit is based on the mirage planform but continuing development means we are refining the kite all the time. As soon as an idea improves the kite it is put into production. On this occasion we improved the aerofoil so much that it really required renaming. We have looked into changing the shape of the kite as well but do not wish to give it a "trendy" shape at the expense of performance. The sky bums spirit is made from top quality materials and is available in a wide range of colours either from stock or to your own specifications.

Paul's top speed with a 2m is 69mph.

spirit 2m in flight 18 cell spirit 1.5m
All spirits come in their own stuff sack complete with handles. 20m dyneema line sets (300lb/150lb) are available.
spirit 1m £95.00
spirit 1.5m £120.00
spirit 2m £170.00
spirit 3m £220.00
spirit 4m £290.00
spirit 6m £380.00
spirit 8m £440.00
20m line set (300lb/150lb) £35.00
Spirit 2m parked and ready to fly. spirit 4m in blue