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A group of first time kite makers  Happy teachers showing off their kites at the end of the workshop day

workshops - for all ages and skill levels
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Paul and Helene have been presenting workshops for primary, junior, secondary and special needs schools as well as colleges, clubs and teacher training courses for a number of years. They have also traveled as far afield as Washington State in the USA to teach kiteflyers how to build some of skybums own designs. The workshops cater for all skill levels and are tailored to whatever is required. A workshop for schools can include:-
VIDEO A short video to introduce newcomers to the many varied aspects of kite flying.
TALK A brief history of kites and how they fly, illustrated by a collection of our own kites.
MAKING The making of a simple kite from easily available materials like plastic bags, paper, straws and skewers, etc. In the more advanced workshops we can build a sewn kite using ripstop nylon and other modern materials. These can either be from traditional designs or one of the kites designed by ourselves. Kits can be provided.
FLYING At some point during the workshop, location and weather permitting, we set aside time for flying both the creations of the day and also some of the kites we have brought along.
SUMMARY Alongside the structured events we also provide a selection of videos and books to look at, as well as national and local kitegroup details, kite festival dates and information. We also offer friendly advice on any kite related projects.
COSTINGS Please contact us for further information.