skybums 2022 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
The original morgan star

  Assymetric nova

stars - beautiful tumbling boxes
Morgan star - a skybums original. The Morgan Star (above left) was first designed in 1985. It is a 3 coloured, multifaceted single celled tumbling box kite. This means that it will fly stably in light to moderate winds but if you let line out really fast it will tumble away from you until the line is again put under tension. At this point it sorts itself out and climbs into the sky once more. It has a 1m wingspan.
Nova - assymetric variant. The Nova (above right) is a star that tumbles more like a sycamore seed. Again it is stable in light to moderate winds but tumbles easily when line is let out. The Nova has a 1.5m spars.

Positron - a square variant. 

morgan star (carbon) £55.00 30lb line
nova £85.00 50lb line
positron 50lb line