skybums 2024 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
The mini sled Pink midge with star Pretty octopus
small flat kites
Mini sled - very simple to fly. The mini sled is an ever popular small kite that flies easily in a wide range of winds. It comes complete with a long streamer tail and line on handle. The spars are 42cm long and the kite is 70cm from nose to tail.
Midge - dancing kite. Another popular small kite is the midge. Based on the Indian fighter it can be maneuvered about the sky but with the tail it makes it a very stable kite suitable for all ages. The midge has a wingspan of 57cm. The mini midge is a smaller version which still flies easily but in slightly stronger winds.
Mini octopus - swims through the sky. Based on the Thai serpent kite it flies very easily and with eight tails it creates its own presence in the sky. 
Mini Yakko - based on a traditional japanese design these kites fly in a wide range of winds. Many different fun designs to choose from.
mini sled £10.00 25lb line (inc)
midge £12.00 25lb line (inc)
mini octopus   25lb line (inc)
mini yakko various designs from £20.00 25lb line (inc)