skybums 2022 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
skybums rokkaku - fighting since 1986
The sky bums rokkaku is a very stable craft capable of lifting numerous payloads into the sky as well as a competition winning fighting kite. It is based on the classic japanese design. The 1m rokkaku is ideal for solo battles while the 2m is an excellent team fighter. The 1.5 falls outside sizes used for individual  and team fighting  but can be entered into open competitions. We produce plain colours and simple appliqued designs for the basic price but the rokkaku lends itself perfectly as a canvas for your imagination or as a promotional tool. Contact us with your ideas and we will give you a quote.

special one off design for wedding gift realised by sky bums
rokkaku 1m from £60.00 (carbon) 50lb line
rokkaku 1.5m from £80.00 (carbon) 100lb line
rokkaku 2m from £135.00 (carbon) 200lb line
rokkaku bold eye design 1.5m rokkaku
Hand painted promotional rokkaku 2m