skybums 2024 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
multisled - a powerful skybums lifter
The multisled was first designed back in 1985 as a cheaper alternative to the parafoil. It has immense lifting power and packs down into a 1m bag. Not only does it lift cameras, fauna and sky garbage but it is also a competition winning beer lifter. It comes in 3 standard sizes. The multisled 3 has 3 cells, is 1m tall and 90cm wide. It is flown on 100lb line. New to the range is the Multisled 5. Again 1m tall but 1.5m wide. This one is flown on 200lb line. The Multisled 7 is 1m tall and 2.1m wide. This needs a massive 350lb line. With its long bridle lines fanning out from the towing point it looks stunning in the sky.
We have made other sizes and numbers of cells. Please contact for more details.
multisled 3 £75.00 100lb line
multisled 5 £125.00 200lb line
multisled 7 £175.00 350lb line