skybums 2022 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
mega delta - lifting payloads since 1986

For those people who require their kites to do more than just look good in the sky. The Sky Bums mega delta (above right and below centre) is a real workhorse of a kite that acts like a thoroughbred. With a 12 foot wingspan it is capable of lifting camera equipment and radio aerials as well as parachuting teddy bears into the air (seen below prices). The most recent job is training birds of prey to feed on the wing. A very popular and stable lifting kite. There is also an 8 foot version. Still very stable but not quite so much muscle required. Colours can come out of stock or to your own specifications. Also shown is the extended keel version. Different wingspans and keel lengths are available.

The prices shown below are examples. We make other sizes and can applique messages and logos on to the kite. Please contact for more details.
mega delta 12ft (dowel) £110.00 200lb line
mega delta 12ft (carbon) £180.00 200lb line
mega delta 8ft (carbon) £100.00 100lb line
mega delta 12ft with 26m keel (carbon) £240.00 200lb line
mega delta 8ft with 9m keel (carbon) £130.00 100lb line
mega sled delta 15ft (dowel) £160.00 350lb line
mega sled delta 10 ft (carbon) £155.00 150lb line
mega sled delta 15 ft with 26m keels (carbon) £300.00 350lb line
mega sled delta 10 ft with 9m keels (carbon) £185.00 150lb line