skybums 2019 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
margam park workshop 2019 is our 3doodle
This years Margam Park kite festival workshop is the 3doodle. The kite in question is a cross between on our 3do design and a noodle style kite. There will be a choice of two sizes. Either a 1.8m kite @ £40 or the full size 2.4m kite @ £70. For this you will get an appliqued (or plain) carbon/grp framed kite. The kit contains pre-cut panels, carbon and grp spars, a choice of applique design/colour and full printed instructions as well as hands on help on the day. The kite flies well in light to moderate winds. As with previous years it will be a one day workshop where the kite will be finished and flown by the end of the day although the room will be available for the weekend. Also as with previous years the workshop should be on Saturday but weather could move it to Sunday if required. You can let us know if you are interested or book a place by contacting us. Please think about colour preferences.
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