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harlequin - x-box
The harlequin (based on the optic box which was first designed and built in 1985) can be produced in a number of sizes and variations. The harlequins shown (above left and centre) are single celled versions. Double harlequins (above right) and quadruple harlequins (below right) have also been built. We can build them to your own colour specifications and as specials (below left and right). They fly very easily and look different from every angle. Each single harlequin is made up of 20 panels. A double uses 36 and a basic quad has 68. The quad shown below right actually used 136 panels. The harlequin is an original sky bums design. It has also been used as a workshop kite.
The prices shown below are examples. We do other sizes and numbers of cells. Please contact for more details.
single harlequin 1m (grp) £60.00 25lb line
double harlequin 1.7m (grp) £110.00 50lb line
single harlequin 1.5m (carbon) £125.00 50lb line
single harlequin 2m (carbon) £210.00 100lb line
single harlequin 1.5m (carbon) x-box version £125.00 50lb line