skybums 2024 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
ba in flight ba3 matching tapered ba pair ba6
ba (spirit ascending to heaven)

The ba6 (above right in pink, blue and black) flies well in a wide range of winds and comes in many different colour combinations. If you have any ideas of your own please contact us. It stands at just over 2.1m high. The ba3 (above centre left) is a simpler version but still open to many different colourways. The ba3 is about 1.35m tall. The ba1 (above left) is a simple single celled version and comes either plain or with simple applique. It is 0.8m tall. The tapered ba (above centre right) is a variation on the ba6 that looks stunning in the sky. Again about 2.1m tall. On the far right (above) is the ba12 in black, white and rainbow. The mimmis (below) is another variant on the ba1 kite. This striped version has an extended spine (1.15m) and a forked tail. Also the silkie (a scottish mythological creature at 1.6m.

The ba is a sky bums original. All the ba kites are sparred in carbon and GRP and come complete with matching tails and in their own bag. The prices shown below are examples. We do other sizes and numbers of cells. Please contact for more details. To see different variations please click on the gallery button above.

ba 1 £25.00
ba 3 £75.00
ba6 £150.00
ba12 £250.00
mini tapered ba £25.00
tapered ba 3 £75.00
tapered ba 6 £150.00
mimmis £75.00
silkie £60.00