skybums 2017 quality high performance kites handmade in shropshire since 1986
3do (three-doe) - a skybums original

Above are shown three celled and five celled versions of the 3do with both face and graphic designs on them. A three celled pyramid version (below left) has a four colour graphic to give a three dimensional effect in the sky. Many different permutations are possible and more cells can and have been added.  A 5 celled 3do with a company logo is also shown. To see other examples click on the 3do gallery button. All 3dos fly easily at a very high angle, similar to that of a delta, and in a wide range of winds. The 3do has also been used as a workshop kite.

The prices shown below are examples. We do other widths and numbers of cells. Please contact for more details.
3do pyramid 3 cell 2.1m x 1.4m £90.00
3do pyramid 5 cell 3.5m x 1.4m £150.00
3do twist 5 cell 1.25m x 0.5m £50.00
3do twist 5 cell 1.75m x 0.7m £75.00
3do twist 9 cell 2.25m x 0.5m £95.00
3do twist 15 cell 3.75m x 0.5m £150.00